About Us
Why Green Velvet? Have you ever walked into a forest completely blanketed in moss or green velvet? We wanted an organic feel, something that is found in the forests, mountains, beaches, even in the cities. Green Velvet can be found anywhere and we have a dream that we will bring our events and concierge business to a global market. We want to be your local source wherever you travel, for now we will just stick with what we know best: Telluride, Colorado. We all deserve a little Green Velvet luxury!
Co-Owner/Memory Creator: Bebe Hinde grew up in Telluride and as is the way in a resort town, has worked many different positions in the hospitality industry most notably, being the Director of Guest Relations for the River Club for nine years. Bebe is also a local real estate broker with Telluride Real Estate Corp/Christie's International and is well versed in the regions real estate market. She knows Telluride in and out and loves to be able to share that passion with any visitor or part time resident. Play local with Bebe's knowledge of Telluride and its surrounding areas. Bebe married long time local and 'ski bum', Dustin Hinde, and together they are raising the next generation of Telluride mountain kids, Thatcher Couloir (4) and Rye Wilder (18 months).
Co-Owner/Memory Curator: Joy Littleton is a girl from Ohio who fell in love with the mountains because of Telluride. She first worked in hospitality as a Segway tour guide in Cincinnati where she learned what a memorable impact she could have on her guests’ experience. Joy took this passion to Telluride as a concierge, where she planned events and trips for three years. Joy enjoys all the best that Telluride has to offer, especially the food, hiking, snowshoeing, and 4x4 exploring. Joy lives in Telluride with her partner of ten years, Jordan.


With gratitude Bebe & Joy 970-369-9219  hello@greenvelvettelluride.com

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